Words from our clients


Best gym I have ever been to with the best personal training I have ever had.”    – Paola Campos

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Words from our clients:

“Best gym I have ever been to with the best personal training I have ever had.”

– Paola


“The expertise and dedication of the instructors is the best I have experienced in any gym. They really focus on the important details to help you get the best results and avoid injury.”

– Mark


“Undertaking a strength and conditioning programme with the fantastic team at MedStrength and Functional Physio before my recent hip replacement surgery proved invaluable. The strength and stability gained made it far easier to get going after the surgery and also allowed me to get into a rehab routine much more quickly than expected.”

– Margaret


I had low back pain for the 15-20 years before I came to see Tim and the MedStrength team. I believed the pain was due to a deformity at birth and nothing would be able to clear it. The pain at times would be so severe it was difficult to walk and put me off going to the gym. Working through a program aimed to strengthen my core, improve my range of motion and correct my imbalances has given me two months of pain-free daily living.
I have been able to confidently put myself into positions where I would normally have aggravated my lower back, even completing the Auckland Half Marathon last month. I now believe I can keep up the gym exercise and remain pain free for the rest of my days.
Thank you for correcting my pain and giving me relief after so many others have been unable to do so.

– Pip


I want to keep mobile, exercise safely, know more about my own fitness and be the best I can be. The people at MedStrength help me with all this. I feel stronger and better, it makes the world of difference

– Sue Blair


I joined MedStrength in July 2011 and I’ve usually managed three training sessions a week since then. I found the gains in strength were immediate and I’ve continued to gain strength in all major muscle groups. It is hard work, but I get greater benefit from having improved core strength than I believe I used to get from straight cardio/aerobic workouts.
The quality of the weight machines and the guidance on their use from the staff is excellent and I have not suffered any injuries or even twinges from the weight training.
Three years ago, I had severe lower back pain which left me unable to drive comfortably for more than about an hour. After six months of MedStrength I had no pain after driving for two or three hours over Christmas/New Year. I highly recommend MedStrength to anybody of any age but particularly to those with sedentary jobs those who have lost core and upper body strength.

– Ian Law


I have been attending MedStrength for several months now, having progressed across from Functional Physio (Andy) where I received treatment for a back and bilateral shoulder injuries.
I enjoy “my time” (away from everything) working the various strengthening equipment, setting myself personal goals and challenges which keeps my workouts interesting. Having a comprehensive physiotherapist assessment prior to starting, set a personalised exercise programme fit for me. Knowing the physiotherapists are on hand in case of body breakdown is also very reassuring! The instructors assisted me initially in setting the machines and ensuring I exercised correctly. I now work independently knowing the instructors are available and keen to keep an eye on my progress. They continue to encourage me.
With a stronger core and body now, I feel good and notice day-to-day tasks are achieved much easier (lifting shopping, laundry baskets, gardening, general fitness…) I am definitely more toned with “abs” (under the flabs), no obvious bulging muscles (thank goodness), and I have gained strength with which I am really pleased. My back and shoulders are stronger than ever. I would highly recommend the excellent team at MedStrength.

– Shirley