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MedStrength’s association with Functional Physio allows an ideal medically based treatment and training environment for the treatment of back and neck conditions. This close association is one of the critical points of difference between what we offer our clients compared with other training facilities.

Spinal Focus

The physiotherapists analyse the data from your initial musculoskeletal assessment and Spinal Strength Test to determine whether it is safe for you to progress on to a general supervised strengthening programme at MedStrength or whether you require medical Spinal Strengthening and treatment with a physiotherapist to prepare you for safe progression on to general strengthening at MedStrength gym.


Functional Physio Spinal Therapy and Rehabilitation

MedX Medical Lumbar Extension Machine

medx-functional PhysioWe are the only facility in New Zealand utilising the unique MedX Medical Lumbar Extension Machine.

The MedX Medical Lumbar Extension Machine, designed and researched at the University of Florida, is a unique assessment and rehabilitation tool. It accurately measures the strength of the extension muscles of the lumbar spine.

These back muscles have clearly been shown to weaken rapidly due to pain inhibition, just like the thigh muscles weaken rapidly with knee pain. These muscles do not gain their pre- injury strength without a specific and isolated strengthening programme.

Sore backs become weak backs and weak backs become sorer backs, a vicious cycle.

If is has been determined at your musculoskeletal assessment that you have weak lower back muscles or a condition requiring therapy you will be advised to have a course of spinal strengthening under the care of a physiotherapist.

By following the MedX researched protocols Functional Physio has been successfully incorporating this equipment into the treatment and rehabilitation programmes for patients with back pain for over ten years. We are leaders in Australasia for incorporating this type of therapy into our back treatment programmes.

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Progression to MedStrength Training

The Medstrength musculoskeletal assessment will highlight any conditions that require physiotherapy treatment or spinal strengthening. Your muscle balance will be analysed to determine which muscles are weak and which muscles are tight.

If you require physiotherapy treatment and spinal strengthening you will progress through this and when the physiotherapist assesses that it is safe for you to proceed to a general strengthening programme at MedStrength you will be prescribed an introductory exercise programme.

Strength training at MedStrength is supervised by experienced and qualified instructors. You will slowly progress from supervised training to independent training, which includes a follow-up physiotherapy reassessment, education about the training protocols, machine use and set-up.

As your strength improves the instructors will adjust your training programme.

MedStrength instructors are always available in the facility for advice and supervision.

“After seeing Hazel I got to a point where I was able to continue rehabbing more without pain. Follow up MRI’s showed my disc bulge reduced and was no longer compressing the nerve. Slowly I added more intensity and eventually returned to diving in December. Since then I’ve continued maintenance and progressed in diving quite a bit. I will be competing at the World Champs in a few months and hopefully the Commonwealth Games soon after that.”

Liam Stone

May 2022

“I came to Functional Physio on a recommendation with back pain down my right side to the base of my spine. Initially, I had three sessions per week graduating to one session. After my second week I noticed a marked improvement in pain reduction and flexibility. Now I have completed the course I have no pain and greatly improved flexibility. Thank you David.”

C Richards