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Medstrength’s association with Functional Physio allows an ideal medically based treatment and fitness environment for the treatment of back and neck injuries and conditions.

Functional Physio is one of the biggest providers of spinal and sports care in New Zealand. It has participated in research with one of the world wide respected Spinal Surgeons from San Diego the late Professor Vert Mooney. Some of their treatment protocols are based on his work.

Spinal Focus

The information from the musculoskeletal assessment and back strength test results also helps the physiotherapist assess if an individual is safe to start a gym programme or if they need a medical spinal strengthening programme and treatment from a physiotherapist first to help prepare them for a safe progression to general strengthening at the MedStrength gym. In most cases their spinal and general health are sufficient to progress straight to the individualised specific gym programme.

However, in some cases their back issues are just too unsafe to allow them to go straight to the gym due to the probability that they will injure themselves. This is one of our many protocols to provide a safe training environment.

Membership Options

MedStrength offers a number of different membership options to suit our members.

These options and payment details include:

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They really focus on the important details to help you get the best results and avoid injury.”

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