Fortunately for us, the answer to this question is a yes! There are studies that indicate that exercising regularly contributes to improving the immune system, hence improving the body’s ability to fight some diseases.

Although the exact reason for how exercise strengthens the immune system is not known, there are several theories that explain this process.
For example, during the flu season, a temporary increase in body temperature caused by physical activity can inhibit the growth of certain bacteria – just like fever does. It will also help to remove some bacteria from the lungs and airways.

In addition, exercise increases the speed at which antibodies and white blood cells (the cells of the immune system) can circulate through the body, which is believed to reduce the risk of disease.

Another effect of exercise is a decrease in the production of stress hormones. A high level of these hormones is associated with certain diseases, so exercise is a perfect option to combat them.

However, if you are sick while exercising, your immune system is being forced to work at full capacity, so limit yourself to the indications given by your GP. Furthermore, now that we have more time available for training, just be careful with duration, intensity, frequency and type of exercise, or you will risk a temporary decrease in immune
function if you overexert yourself.
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