Truth is, it is never a bad time to stretch if you are using the right stretches for your purpose. Here are some examples of when some good times to stretch may be; · Morning: Performing some light dynamic stretches in the morning is an excellent way to relieve any morning stiffness and prepare your muscles for daily activities. · Before Exercise: Performing dynamic stretches before exercise will help prepare the muscles for specific movements and reduce the risk of injury. · After exercise: Static stretching after exercise will help release any unwanted tension that built up during the workouts and increase range of motion. PNF stretches can be used after workout to increase range of motion while also increasing muscular performance. · Before Bed: Static stretching before bed will help maintain the range of motion you had during the day. It was relax your muscles and help prepare the body for an optimal recovery/sleep. · Anytime: A lot of people don’t stretch because they don’t have the time, so be creative! Perform your morning dynamic stretches while you wait for the jug to boil. Perform dynamic stretches in between sets during your exercise. Stretch while waiting in line at the grocery store. Take 5-minute stretch breaks during work. Do what work for you.