Gym With a Difference

Gym With a Difference

Gym With a Difference

Exercise in a facility run alongside a physiotherapy practice and constantly supervised

by trainers who know your name

Welcome to MedStrength Gym


MedStrength provides a boutique experience. It specialises in improving your strength, flexibility, coordination and agility, the chief components to improving your general function and quality of life.

In today’s world the human body’s physical abilities are diminishing as it adapts to a more sedentary lifestyle. The human body is dynamic, designed for movement and physical activity, not sedentary activities!!

As a consequence, our sedentary lifestyle leads to general muscle atrophy and decrease in strength and flexibility. This impacts on one’s ability to undertake general everyday activities both at work and recreationally.

Exercising at MedStrength will return and improve your strength and fitness so you can remain independent and healthy to provide a high quality of life, free of injury and other medical issues.

MedStrength’s unique training system, starting from the initial physio/ medical musculoskeletal assessment to a specific individualised gym programme supervised by well educated gym trainers, to further reassessments to progress your fitness programme, goals and independence, sets it apart from other gyms.

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If you have any questions or would like make a booking with a physio to discuss the programme:

Join us today to get access to:


  • A comprehensive musculoskeletal assessment by experienced physiotherapists from which your individual training programme will be created in respect to your age, goals and any medical issues
  • Unique, high quality gym equipment ranging from the superbly designed MedX and CybeX strengthening machines, high quality cardio machines, pilates reformers to our range of free weights, and balance equipment.
  • MedX medical lumbar strengthening machine designed at the University of Florida, that accurately measures your dynamic back strength and compares it to normative values specific to you.
  • A proven safe scientific approach to strengthening, agility, fitness and rehabilitation
  • A friendly environment where the trainers know your name and you aren’t just a number
  • A facility supervised by qualified trainers who will guide you through safe and effective training
  • Musculoskeletal Reassessments that help you to progress, correct and evolve your training programmes so you can reach your goals in the safest and most effective way
  • Personal Training Sessions from qualified accessible trainers to help progress you further and provide a range of functional exercises to quickly achieve your goals and beyond
  • Ample undercover car parking
  • No waiting in lines to use equipment


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